Dreamer's World April 9 2017 - Daily Prompt "Tenacious"

The Daily Prompt is “Tenacious”. I like to think of myself as a “tenacious” person because I usually will not change a position or a goal unless overwhelming evidence convinces me to do so. I will defend my position with vigor and that makes some people uncomfortable, but it because I take a position based on logic and principles and not on popularity.

When it comes to my job, I have the same tenacity about finishing a job or finding the answer to a problem. It is a trait that has served me well over the years and kept me gainfully employed with the same company for so long. They know that when there is a problem to solve that they can give it to me and the answer will be found. I suppose that the most interesting thing about my “tenacious” tendency is that it still meshes with my Type B personality. I simply don’t let my tenacity govern my life, and at times I will be tenacious in defending my personal time away from work.

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