Dreamer's World April 10 2017 - Getting (Even More) Organized

For those who read my Friday post about office politics, you understand the situation that I described. I deliberately took the weekend and did NOT think about work because I needed the time to simply live and detoxify myself. Since I work remotely, I have no real recourse to situations like the one that reared its ugly head last week, so my response is critical.
The first thing I decided is that I will NOT respond directly to any criticism that is leveled against me as a part of other people's empire-building efforts. Since I lack personal interaction with them anything that I might say in response will either be ignored or quoted exactly without me having the advantage of interacting with these people on a face to face basis.
My second response is to document every single minute of my time at work and to also include the results of each effort in such a way that will not come across as petty. This is a delicate balancing act without seeing these people on a daily basis, so I have to be careful about how I phrase things. Every phone call and interaction with the client will be documented in detail. Every conference call will be logged and reported. Because these conference calls are the only interaction with the empire builders that I have, I will have to be careful once again. I hope to accomplish this second response by utilizing my blogging skills to allow me to report on efforts and results without seeming to respond directly to any of the office politics shit that has started.
My third response will be to ignore any requests from other workers about the situation. There are other coworkers in the physical area with me who also work remotely and I have already received the innocuous “feelers” that indicate that they also realize that something is going on with the company that is 3000 miles away from us. This is another delicate balancing act because I will not give any indication that I know of anything related to myself, let alone knowing anything about them (because I don’t) and guide any conversations away from the subject.
Sad to say that this is NOT something new. It happens with the company from time to time. I suppose that there must be some new initiative that has people worried about their own jobs. Sadly most people will respond by attempting to throw others under the bus to save themselves. Personally, I do not like being thrown under any buses and I will not throw anyone else under one. If I do not provide them with anything to fuel the fire, then they lost their influence over me in these matters and that is the reason I have decided on my responses listed above. All I can do now is to be even more organized than I already was and let the others tear themselves to shreds.

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