Dreamer's World April 17 2017 - Start Of A Short Week

Today marks the start of a short week at work. I will be starting my leave at lunchtime on Thursday to visit the Chiropractor that afternoon and then preparing to finally pick up the keys to the new apartment on Friday morning with Hal. It seems like this week would never arrive, but it is here at last. The actual move itself will take place one week from today, and that is always a day full of surprises and extra efforts. I am already making my preparations to continue the blog during that time as best I can. I know that Friday we will go to get the keys to the new apartment and that Snoopy and his new pals will be making the trip with us that morning so I can at least find them a temporary new home for the weekend. I will also be taking the computers and laptops with me and I should be able to use my Google Pixel XL as a hotspot to establish connectivity. The cable and internet will not be ready in the new apartment until next Tuesday, but I will make do until then. The guitars will also make the trip to the new place over the weekend so I know that they are handled properly.
I have enough things to take care of this week in addition to work. I have the new shower heads and I will leave them in the new apartment once we get the keys Friday with a work order to have them installed. I know that Friday will also see a trip to get some other supplies such as bottled water and toilet paper for the new place to be ready for the movers on Monday. Hal and I will be staying here in the old apartment through the weekend and then staying at the new place starting Monday. Next week will involve coming back to the old apartment to do some cleaning before we turn in the keys here, but we will have until the middle of May before that has to be finished and the keys will be due at that time.
For the rest of this week, I will be starting my effort to purge things that will not be moving with us. This mainly involves emptying out the closet and sending items that haven’t been worn to Goodwill or some other charity. It will also involve taking items that haven’t been used in forever and disposing of them as well. I don’t have many things that hold any special meaning to me so the effort should be rather painless. The goal is to NOT take things that will remain boxed up at the new place. Hal is creating new boxes out of thin air and the stacks reach the ceiling. At least this effort will lessen the cost of the move considerably for us.
As for today, I have planned out my things that I need to accomplish at work. I am focused on making sure that everything will be all set for the time that I am gone because I don’t want to return to a mountain of incomplete tasks as well as new ones assigned to me by people who ignored my out-of-office notifications while I was away. I will be pacing myself so my energy won’t wane before Thursday.
With all that being said, I am so glad that this week has finally arrived. I will enjoy several of the days off once the move is complete and things are set up in the new apartment. I have been desperately needing time off for several months, but I had to save all the vacation time that I could to be ready for the move. I will still have a few days on the books once things are finished, and I want to build the time back up, but I realize that I also might need an extra day to relax as well. That decision will wait until next month no matter what since I will not be due back at work until 01 May, I hope that there will be plenty of time to relax before then. I know that even after work is over with today that I have to take Hal to work this evening and then pick him up later. That means no chance at an early bedtime for me tonight. The best I can hope for is some intense sleep when I can get it. I am barely staying focused as the afternoon starts here, I will make it through with the help of caffeine!!

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