Dreamer's World April 9 2017 - Get More Sleep

Hal and I stayed up late last night watching a movie “Captain America: Civil War”. While the movie was enjoyable, Hal didn’t suggest watching it until after 2230, so it was very late when we went to bed. Personally, I feel like garbage today and I know that it is because I didn’t get enough quality sleep last night.
I remember when I was younger that I could stay up all night and note feel the consequences, those days are behind me. I will have to make a better effort to get more sleep from now on, or to make arrangements to nap before an expected late night at the very least. The days of partying all night are gone for good.

I did go to the store to pick up a few items and then I stopped at a hardware store to check out some showerheads to install in the new apartment, but I didn’t by them today. I am home again with no distractions on this beautiful day, and I am trying to keep the concept of Monday from creeping into my thoughts for as long as possible. It will get here far too soon without me rushing it along.

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