Dreamer's World April 7 2017 - Daily Prompt "Outlier"

The Daily Prompt is “Outlier”. I like this because the word suits me and how I deal with the world. I have never been one to conform just for the sake of conformity. It takes a lot of concise reasoning and objective justification for me to follow a trend. I see most people who flitter from one trend to the next like moths from a candle to another candle and shake my head in wonder.
I was raised to question what I refer to as “canned culture”, that is the one size fits all trend that everyone is supposed to follow blindly. I want to know why this is important, and I never get an answer that satisfies me. Not to mention that I see these trends as ways to distract people from something else that is going on, something that people would generally not like if they realized it was happening.
The attacks on Syria are a prime example of this. When we have an idiot in charge who is floundering in the polls, what else should I expect but some type of military adventurism that will distract most people from his incompetence and treason? Our infoporn industry is geared to provide wall to wall garbage coverage of the latest trend that is always designed to distract us from something else.

I prefer to be an “outlier” and to think and decide things for myself without being told what to care about.

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