Dreamer's World April 4 2017 - Another Milestone

I recently passed the 1 month mark without a cigarette. I am very happy with myself over this. I am still vaping and I actually enjoy it. It certainly cannot be as harmful as smoking. I have noticed that I am feeling more energy and have more lung capacity than in the past. I have had some sinus congestion from the change in the weather and the trees pollinating, but nothing like in past years. I have been coughing some recently as well, but I have read up and my doctor concurs that this is probably my lungs finally starting to clear themselves out and unless it becomes chronic I shouldn’t worry myself about it. I also realize that when I go to bed that I can breathe easier now than in the past and I don’t have any wheezing through my sinus cavity. I wish that I had done this sooner, but since I cannot change that, I will just enjoy the new opportunities that life has in store for me.
I have had to spend some money on vaping, but nothing like I used to spend on cigarettes. It is nice to not smell like smoke because for so many years I was totally immune to the smell. Now I realize the odor I carried with me all of the time. Like many ex-smokers I find that I am not a fan of the smell now, but I am not yet at the point of criticizing those who still smoke because I truly understand the struggle that they are going through. When I am out in public and want to vape I find myself staying as far from people smoking that I can.
I consider this to be a milestone in my life. A very important one to be sure, and one that I will continue to celebrate. Addiction is an ugly thing but we are all addicted to something and the last thing that any of us need is to have extra pressure heaped upon us as we struggle with those things. Personally, I didn’t tell anyone about my decision to quit smoking at first because I just couldn’t stand the constant “encouragement” that everyone had to offer. It felt like nothing more than added pressure at a time when I did not need it.
I was somewhat worried when I decided to stop smoking because I had always managed to keep the job issues at bay just by walking away from my desk and having a cigarette. Since I work from home, I have never smoked inside. Now I can actually vape inside without fear of upsetting Hal (person) and I can still walk away from my desk to get away from problems for a few minutes. I am glad that it was not a reason I could use as a crutch to continue smoking.

As the day slowly passes here, I am looking forward to 1530 and quitting time. I hope that Hal (person) wants to get out this afternoon, but that remains to be seen. To end the day, or rather the evening, I want to get to bed early and get a good night of sleep.

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