Dreamer's World April 6 2017 - Daily Prompt "Denial"

The Daily Prompt is “Denial”. There are always things that we choose to deny in our lives, things that we would rather ignore or push aside because we are either unwilling or unable to deal with them. “Denial” is a very human thing to engage in, we all have our limits and sometimes we just know when we have to stop caring about things for awhile.

“Denial” is one of the ways that we manage to cope with our ever increasing complex lives. We are taught from an early age to prioritize things. We also learn how much we can handle comfortably, as well as how much we can handle before we break down. “Denial” gives us the option to not add something else to the pile of shit that we are dealing with. It can be a form of procrastination, or it can be a permanent decision, that is up to each of us to make.

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