Dreamer's World April 9 2017 - Finding My Lost Kindle

    Sometimes, something happens which seems mundane, but is truly wonderful. This is one of those times because I found my Kindle as I was doing some pre-packing for the move.
    I now have my gateway to other worlds, my unlimited means to forget about everyday worries and lose myself in a good book. I never realized just how much I had missed my Kindle until I found it. There is now another pastime for me when I think that I have become bored, and this is something that, like my learning to play guitar, is a positive thing to have​in my life.

    I have always loved to read. As the years went by I fell out of the habit for several years. I convinced myself that it was because of all the reading that I have to do as part of my job, but in reality that was just me being lazy. I had forgotten the pleasure of enjoying a book because I wanted to read it and not because I had to.

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