Dreamer's World April 11 2017 - Snoopy Will Get A New Home Soon

As I start my Tuesday morning, I took my daily photo of Snoopy. I wrote a few weeks back that Snoopy will continue to appear on my blog after some misguided thoughts at no longer taking his daily picture. WHat was I thinking? Snoopy is awesome and deserves his place of honor.
That got me thinking about where Snoopy will reside in the new apartment. Once we are there I will find a place to put him in order to get the daily pictures for the blog. I suppose that it will be a nice change of pace for him, we all can use a change from time to time. The decision about where he will be is still not decided, and he might appear in a variety of places until a good spot is found.
Rest assured that he will be one of the very first things to enter the new apartment with us, in fact he will be there before the movers arrive. They will have to work around him, so they had better be extremely careful, because Snoopy is the star of this blog and he has to be very careful about his image.

One change that might occur will be the possibility that he will get a companion or two for his daily photo. That remains to be seen, but it is an interesting possibility, isn’t it? I can tell that he is excited, can’t you?

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