Dreamer's World February 25 2017 - The Democratic Party Never Learns

I have held back from commenting on the selection of the new DNC leader until the results were known. I have watched social media and listened to a variety of sources regarding the candidates and their visions of what to do to correct the damaged party. I am a Green, that is to say that I had no dog in this fight, but like most Greens and other Independents I had hoped to see a positive outcome and an admission of the mistakes that the Democrats made in losing to the Nazi in the White House. Now that the results are in, I can say that I am neither disappointed nor surprised.
What I witnessed was a replay of the disastrous campaign of last year that allowed the Nazi to win the election and occupy the White House. The Democrats seem to be incapable of learning from their mistakes. The same tired and losing tactics were on full display once again. The game plan was to try as hard as possible to appear to be republiKKKan lite in their approach to the issues. In order to do this, they once again resorted to the tactics of attacking Progressives and calling them unelectable. THe irony is delicious coming from a party that followed this formula and had their asses handed to them in November.
It is obvious from the decision to accept large anonymous corporate donations to the party that they are more concerned about money than they are about people. They cannot fight to reform the system when the system has its meat in their willing ass. When I saw that the decision to not allow large corporate donations had been rejected I knew that the outcome would be another corporatist Democrat pretending to care about the common person in this country.
I have no doubts that the Democrats want to win. I question their sanity and their reasoning in pursuing the exact same path and repeating the exact same errors that are so fresh in our memories and this leads me to believe that they are incapable of winning for a long time to come based upon their message.
I am hopeful that the republiKKKans will be voted out in 2018, but that will only be because people are tired of their shit and not because the Democrats offer a true alternative, just a less strident version of the same bullshit.
Of course, I already know that Progressives and Greens and those who favor social justice and equality and human rights will be blamed by the Democrats for whatever future losses they incur, because it is obvious that is the only scenario the Democrats are any good at. While the Democrats continue to alienate the portion of the population that could bring them to power, they will continue to lose. The RWNJ Nazis will not vote anything other than republiKKKan, we all know that. The Democrats are planning to recreate their disaster from last year, only punctuated by occasional grasps at power then the RWNJ Nazis pus the people too far,

I am not surprised or discouraged. I truly expected this to happen because I have seen this pattern repeated too often by the Democrats through the years. When faced with the choice to move forward or backwards, they always choose to move backwards. While they are being whore-fucked by their corporate masters, I will be struggling to change this country for the better. It will be a long struggle, but the most worthwhile things are worth working and sacrificing for.

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