Dreamer's World February 22 2017 - Settling Down

Yesterday was a day that never seemed to end for me. More tasks found their way into my inbox through the afternoon and no additional time materialized to help me meet these new deadlines. The migraine that I mentioned yesterday seems to have been a warning signal to me from some other dimension that I failed to notice.
Last night I wanted to go to bed early and get some rest in preparation for today, but that plan fell apart rather quickly. I had to go to pick up my new glasses and then Hal (person) wanted to stop at a store, so by the time I got home it was nearly 2100 and the UK basketball game was starting. Initially, I planned to nap and then get up to watch the game but there I was, watching TV until nearly midnight.
This morning I was up early as usual and traveled to meet with the client as part of my normal Wednesday routine. I got home and began work on the new projects as the afternoon cycle of meetings kicked off. That was definitely not what I needed. THe incessant droning and inane chatter of everyone on the line was putting me to sleep very effectively. I realized that the afternoon was a lost cause and I once again decided that I am NOT leaving the apartment after work. Instead, I want to take a nice nap if the stars align properly for me. Once I can stop laughing at this plan, I will see if it actually happens.

At least tomorrow is Thursday and that brings us one day closer to the weekend.

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