Dreamer's World February 9 2017 - Daily Prompt "Criticize"

The Daily Prompt is “Criticize”. This is an easy one because it is so clear when I think of the word. When you “criticize” someone, it can be in a positive or negative way, although the word generally denotes negative. I personally think that “criticize” should always include more than simple rejection, it should include reasons for that feeling and a suggestion that would help the person to make it better. No, I am not referring to instructions on what part of the anatomy the person should insert their idea into.

To “criticize” can be an opportunity to teach and learn if it is approached in the right way. Much like a child will “make” breakfast and leave the kitchen in shambles with their effort, the right way to respond is actually to “criticize” them gently and with a positive message. “Thank you for the wonderful breakfast” should be immediately followed by “Please remember to clean up everything in the kitchen now that you are done. Put all the items you used away after you have cleaned them completely and don’t leave any food out but put it back where it came from. If you want me to show you how to prepare more items, please let me know.” In such a way the criticism can be turned into a teaching and a learning experience.

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