Dreamer's World February 8 2017 - Revelation At Popeye's

Tuesday night, after another visit to yet another apartment community, Hal (person) and I were sitting down to a quick dinner at Popeye’s. We decided that chicken was a good choice for dinner as we made our way back home, and it got us off the road during rush hour. We began talking about the place that we had just seen when out of the blue, I had a sudden revelation.
I said to Hal that we have been looking at apartments for months and because the 60 day window for availabilities is just now arriving, we are no closer to figuring things out than we were when we started. I asked Hal to state the amount that he is able to pay and still have enough left over to build up his own savings. Hal is retired and on a fixed income so his ability to pay rent is directly attached to that. Although he works now as a Licensed Massage Therapist part time, he has to watch his money closely. I told him that of all the places that we have seen, that we need to quit looking at ones that offer all the bells and whistles and focus strictly on costs.
This means that I am going to sacrifice something near and dear to me, and that is the desire to have another room to comfortably put my computer equipment in rather than continue working from the bedroom as I do now. I was really looking forward to being able to reclaim my bedroom and have the space for other things, but with the decision reached last night that is a lost cause. My only hope is that the next bedroom space will be larger than the one that I am cramped into now. I have lived on a ship at sea, and there was only a slight difference in how confined I feel between those days and the present. I have to admit that I was very disappointed when I realized what my decision entailed, but life does go on. We have looked at so many apartments that my head hurts, but none of the bedrooms are truly large enough to make this a comfortable arrangement.
The one place that I loved because it met my needs is out of the price range that Hal wants to obligate to, and I wanted to get that statement on the table so we knew where we really stood as we talked. I told him that I will have to sacrifice some things that are very important to me in order to make this work for both of us.
At least now we can try to focus on something that Hal can afford and that will also allow me to save some extra money as well. I joked that I might use the savings on alcohol to get me through the depression of not having more room. I was only half joking when I said that.
After work on Wednesady, Hal said that he wanted to visit one of the apartments that did fit into his budget criteria. So, on a beautiful afternoon we set out once again to look at this apartment. We got there and were impressed with the place. I made certain to bring a tape measure so I could make certain that the bedroom would be large enough. The apartment is nice, but lacking the extra room or den for the computers is a bummer for me. On the bright side, this apartment had all the updated amenities in the kitchen, plus much more storage in the kitchen than we currently have.
The price fell within Hal’s preferred price range and when the leasing agent told us that there was a vacancy in late April that had not been listed yet, I knew that Hal was on the verge of agreeing to sign a lease. Thankfully, we have money saved up for this occurrence and everything went smoothly. We should take custody of the new apartment around 21 April, a few weeks before our current lease expires. This will give us time to move most of the small stuff ourselves and limit the movers to the furniture and larger items.

Due to getting home late, this post is out this morning rather than last night.

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