Dreamer's World February 9 2017 - Hoping I Can Relax Now

After the constant running around of the last few weeks looking at apartments, I am really hoping that I can begin to unwind after work this afternoon. We found our new place yesterday and will be moving in late April, about 10 weeks from now. All of the paperwork is done for the new apartment, the relevant information has been submitted and there should be no trouble with any of it.
The pictures were taken in the model and this is a basic idea of what our living room and kitchen will look like once we get there. Personally, I love the fact that the kitchen has a glass top stove and plenty of cabinet space, two things that we lack right now. Because the apartment will be located at the corner of a building we will get a nice breeze throughout the apartment with the windows open. We will also get a full size washer and dryer rather than the stackable units we have now and best of all, there is no fire station a block away so I won’t be hearing sirens all day when I am trying to work.
I won’t get the extra room or den that I wanted, but I won’t complain because this place is very nice and the bedrooms are larger than what we have now, plus there is a ceiling fan in both of the bedrooms. I feel like I am trapped in a college dorm room here as I work from one of the bedrooms with the bed in here as well.
The best part of this is that the whole apartment search is finally over with. No more rushing to get out of here right after work to look at another place and then end up having to get dinner somewhere in order to let the rush hour die down to return home in the evening.
Tonight for the first time in weeks we can rest and relax here at home or close by without the constant web searching for apartments and the discussions about how nice or awful the last place we looked at truly was. For tonight we will probably get dinner one last time since I am still exhausted and there really isn’t anything to prepare. Tomorrow will be the time for a grocery run so I can begin cooking for the weekend.

The only thing that changed as evening approached was our decision to order dinner rather than going out. It just feels so good to be here without the stress of apartment hunting at last.

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