Dreamer's World February 24 2017 - Daily Prompt "Baby"

The Daily Prompt is “Baby”. Another word with multiple meanings that I will ramble on about until I hit my writing stride. Of course the first impression one gets from the word “baby” is that of an infant or a small child. A new person who is just starting out on this wonderful journey we call life. A “baby” is dependent on those around it for everything from food and shelter to love and sanitation (ewww).
As we progress through life, the term “baby” as applied to us takes on a very negative meaning. In our childhood years and into adulthood, “baby” means someone who is not capable of taking care of, or looking out for, themselves. Sometimes the overbearing attention of a parent who isn’t quite ready to let go of their “baby” produces an unhappy child who will have that term thrown at them when they are abused by others.
We continue through our journey into adulthood until we meet the person we fall in love with. At that time, “baby” acquires yet another meaning. It becomes a term of endearment to someone that says so much with a single word. The understanding that two people are starting a new part of their journey together and making a promise to one another to look out for and take care of each other gives a sense of comfort to both. A bond is established that is intensely private, and yet referring to each other as “baby” shows the world how you feel about each other.
The whole concept is a microcosm of life itself. We grow from one relationship into independence and then will eventually end up in another relationship at one point or another. Hopefully the relationship is a permanent one, but we all must accept to that continue growing that sometimes a relationship just doesn’t work out the way we had hoped for.

That’s the way it is, “Baby”.

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