Dreamer's World February 13 2017 - Monday The 13th

Somehow it seems appropriate that today is the 13th day of the month and that is falls on a Monday. I will do my best to make it through the day and hope for some better rest tonight. I know that part of what is bothering me is the whole world going to hell thing and I have to remember that there is only so much that I can do about it by myself.
Since it is Monday, Hal is on his new schedule at work. I will take him to work after I am done working for the day and then go to get him after he is done. He is doing this to save more money before we move and I respect him for that. It might require a change to my own schedule in the future, but I will talk with my supervisor about that. Because Hal cannot drive after dark, it is necessary that I take him to and from work in the evening.
I suppose another factor is the waiting until we move and can finally save even more money in the new apartment. That is still almost 10 weeks away as of today. I think that Hal and I both wish that we could get the move over with much sooner. Every day here seems like an eternity since we have found the new place, but we just have to wait until late April to get away from here. That still seems like forever at a time like this. At least we know where we will end up at that time.
In the meantime I will keep going through each day here and planning for the move. I will be saving as much as I can to help cover the costs when that time arrives. We will definitely be saving after the move because our rent will be lower and so will all of the utilities.

Hal has gone to bed for a nap prior to getting ready for work. I will be all set to take him when the time arrives, until then I will be working and let him sleep.

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