Dreamer's World February 3 2017 - Getting Worn Down

As the end of the week arrives, I realize just how tired I really am. Up until this morning a combination of work, home and caffeine was keeping me rolling along. I should have seen the warning signs such as restless sleep, but I was convinced that I had everything under control.
It wasn’t until my visit to the Chiropractor yesterday that I began to realize just how much I had been running on empty. My neck and shoulders were a real mess. The cracks when my neck was adjusted made me see stars like an old cartoon character after being hit with an anvil. I left the office feeling so much more relaxed and I was aware of how much  sleep and quiet time I had missed so far this week.
My mission today is to get through with the week at work and then deliberately forget about the world until next Monday. I will continue to write, but I will be attempting to stay away from social media and the awful mainstream media. The country is going down the drain and I will need my strength to fight another day.

I have to refocus my energy on things here at home starting this afternoon. Hal wants to see another apartment so we will go and take care of that task immediately after work.

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