Dreamer's World Fabruary 4 2017 - Saturday

As Saturday begins I am making my list of things that have to be done during the day while Hal (person) is at work. First among these tasks is a trip to the grocery store for necessities. After that, the next item will be to vacuum the apartment and generally straighten things up around here. I have thought about going to look at tech toys, but that will depend on the weather and how I feel.
The tech toys thing will probably not happen. With the upcoming move in a few months it isn’t a good idea to spend extra money right now.
The errands are complete. The grocery run is finished and I ignored the urge to go and look at tech toys. I am home now and doing laundry as I enjoy the silence of a Saturday morning.
After an uneventful afternoon and early evening, I am torturing myself by watching the UK basketball game and wishing that I hadn't decided to do so because UK is playing like they never left the hotel. Nothing I can do, and worrying about it is just a waste of time. I am going to bed soon, so I hope that everyone will have a great evening and a better tomorrow.

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