Dreamer's World February 20 2017 - Daily Prompt "Glitter"

The Daily Prompt is “Glitter”. A word that signifies a less sincere form of something that sparkles or shines or glows. “Glitter” is the shit that people throw around at parties in order to make things seem better than they are. “Glitter” is cheap and disposable and trashy.

The old saying goes “All That Glitters Is Not Gold” and it is so very true. “Glitter” is the eye candy that masks the imperfections that lurk just under the surface. “Glitter” is the smoke and mirrors approach to respectability and beauty and glamour, nothing more than that. “Glitter” is fake,just like the “glitter” that the republiKKKans produce all the time to try to present the Nazi in the White House as a respectable leader when he is nothing of the sort.

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