Dreamer's World February 14 2017 - Valentine's Day And Me

I am grateful for Valentine’s Day because it celebrates Love in whatever way we choose. I know that after 17 years I am in a place that I never knew I would reach.
Before I met Hal, I was in a very dark place. I drank heavily to forget all of the times when I felt so utterly and completely alone in this world. I had not reached the point of questioning my existence, but I can only imagine that it was just a matter of time before it would have happened. Life was just a series of repeating tragedies with no end in sight. Without something to look forward to, I was sliding off the edge into the abyss.
Hal saved my life literally. Within a few months of meeting him I had almost completely stopped drinking and he never once had criticized me about it. I found someone to fill the empty void in my life that I had been attempting to fill with alcohol. If I had not met Hal, I would very likely be dead from alcoholism or well on my way.
I tell Hal how I feel about him every day. If you have someone that you love dearly, never let a day pass without them knowing how you feel. It is good for yourself as well as for them because there are always times with disagreements and arguments.

If you are still searching for that special someone I wish you the best of luck. From my own experience I just say be yourself, warts and all, because it is better to be loved and accepted for who you are than for what you are not.

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