Dreamer's World February 16 2017 - Take Time To Live and Love

Thursday is here at last. This means that I am working until 1200 and then I am off to see the chiropractor this afternoon. I always feel better after the adjustments to my neck and shoulders and I hope that today will be no exception. I realize that as I get older I fall into disrepair more often, and that is never a comforting thought to have.
At times like this, I look to the world around me for answers to the questions that haunt me. More often than not, the answer is sitting right here in front of me and I don't have to look that far. In this instance I found my answer and inspiration in Hal The Cat
I look at those eyes and I realize that the world isn't going to end and that I am loved regardless of all my faults. It is very important that we all find the people, pets, and things in the world around us that prove we are loved and supported. We often take these people, pets and things for granted and that is something that we should always try to avoid. Kiss your loved ones, scratch a cat behind the ears, take a walk and admire the scenery. Life will still be there when you get back.

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