Dreamer's World February 11 2017 - Saturday

The sudden winter weather has vanished once again to be replaced with more normal conditions and warmer weather especially for this time of the year. The last 2 days were a shock to the system with the temperatures dropping from the mid 70s on Wednesday into the low 30s and upper 20s on Thursday and Friday. The break that we will enjoy today will see the temperature warm back into the 60s with mostly sunny skies this morning.

Life is a lot like the weather. There are times when a sudden and unexpected storm arrives and catches us off guard. We are thrown into pure response mode at times like this and all of our preparations can seem to never be enough. We tend to react more to a change that is seen as negative because that is human nature. We tend to fear that which we would not choose to happen. What we fail to realize is that with each storm that affects our lives, we emerge stronger afterwards.

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