Dreamer's World February 5 2017 - Big Game, Big Deal

Sunday is here. While everyone else is excited about the Big Game, I am indifferent about it. There are fans of the two teams involved and I accept that their interest is genuine, but I truly despise the people who want to turn the Big Game into an event for no real reason. There are those who will carefully deconstruct every second of the ridiculous commercials, and there are those who will critique the halftime show. I do not fall into either of these categories.
The Big Game is nothing more than a celebration of excess. The endless pregame shows bore me to tears. The interviews with any person who happens to be near a camera make me reach for the vomit bag, and the halftime show is when I take a nice, long, leisurely shit so I don’t have to watch it.
I am taking things easy today while Hal (person) is at work. I might go out for a little while and shop, but I don’t expect to buy anything.

The evening is here and I have not watched a single minute of the Big Game. I am too busy enjoying music and reading and writing to miss the game. I will see the score either later tonight or tomorrow morning. I might just go to bed early tonight since I am in such a good mood.

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