Dreamer's World February 17 2017 - Another Step Along The Way

Yesterday marked another milestone for Hal (person) and myself for 2017. We finally got the official welcome package from the new apartment complex and everything is in order for us to get the keys and schedule our move in date for late April. This is something that we have been working towards for some time now and it feels great to have it all over with.
I remember when we moved into this apartment 3 years ago. I was just emerging from the worst of my financial troubles and the worry that went along with the credit check and application process was rather stressful, to say the least. In the 3 years we have been here, things have continued to improve so that this apartment search was no problem. I still have debt that I am paying off, but it is nowhere near the mountain that it was years ago. Times like this allow me the luxury of thinking back and recognizing just how far I have come.
Friends have asked why we don’t buy a house. I have never thought about it seriously because I cannot feel comfortable being tied down to a particular place like that. The “American Dream” seems more like an American Nightmare to me. We are more than content with having the freedom to move when we want to and avoiding the hassles of owning a home.
At any rate, things are much better than they were in the past when we moved. It is such a relief to not worry about a credit check when applying for a new lease. I remember that last Friday when we submitted the paperwork I noticed that within an hour my credit report flagged the inquiry. I didn’t feel uneasy at all.
Technically it is 9 weeks from today that we will finally pick up the keys to the new place. Hal (person) will be coordinating the move, probably for the following week in addition to making sure that the utilities and cable and internet are all set up within a day or two. We will be getting all the relevant things done between now and then such as submitting the Change Of Address forms to the post office well in advance of the move. Hal (person) is already saving boxes from Amazon in preparation for using them to pack things away. I am certain that the apartment will be filled with boxes for over a week prior to the move date. I plan to take several days off for the move in order to get everything set up to resume work from the new apartment without encountering any hassles.

It is nice to not worry about finances like I used to. I watch my money like a hawk now and I am never going to get myself into a mess like that again. At least I gained valuable experience on how to get out of debt and I have shared that with others when they ask.                                 It isn’t easy, but things that are important usually are difficult in order to get our attention.

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