Dreamer's World February 10 2107 - Feeling Better On A Friday

I am ready for the weekend. I slept well last night for the first time in what seemed like forever. I know that having the stress of apartment hunting off of my shoulders is the main reason for this. Hal and I got extremely lucky finding what we did. The fact that we had stayed in touch with the rental agent meant that we were offered the apartment even before it was officially announced as an upcoming vacancy. It is a great feeling to know that we have cleared this hurdle.
Hal informed our current landlord that we will not be renewing our lease and they said that they were sorry to see us go. We really don’t have anything negative to say about the community as such, but the cramped feeling in here is just something that we need to get away from. The conveniences that we enjoy here will be missed, but we will find other things to take their place at the new location.
I am hoping for a relatively quiet day at work, especially since I am out at 1430 on Friday. I have some errands that I really need to take care of now that my time has been freed up. I have to get my glasses adjusted while we are out on our trip to Costco and the grocery store. I want to get something to cook here for the weekend because we have spent way too much money eating out during this apartment search and it is time to start saving money once again. Hal will be coordinating the movers and that has to be paid for when the time comes.

For the weekend while Hal is at work I have no plans right now. Tomorrow is supposed to be a return to warmer weather and I can look forward to that. I will decide what to do once tomorrow arrives. I know that I need to get more rest and that is probably what I will do when the time comes. I don’t expect anything major to be happening to be sure.

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