Dreamer's World February 23 2017 - Daily Prompt "Slur"

The Daily Prompt is “Slur”. The first thing that pops into my mind is the effect that alcohol has on speech. We have all been there as we attempt to speak clearly and eloquently, at least it sounds that way to ourself, when in reality the words come out very distorted and obviously signal that we are impaired.
“Slur” then, means something that is not clear as was intended. It is muddled and recognizable but still obviously indicative of something else being wrong.
This brings up another definition of “slur” and that is to be derogatory towards someone. It apparently makes it more socially acceptable to use the indirect or “slurred” language to attack someone rather than using the clear and concise language that would mark the person as a racist, homophobe, Islamophobe, or whatever other group the asshole is attacking at the time. We see this more and more as the political climate in this nation deteriorates as a result of the Nazi in the White House.

There was a news story of two white people using slurs towards passengers on an airline as the plane was getting ready to depart. While nothing directly inflammatory was said, the two RWNJ assholes made it clear that they were racists and hated anyone who was not white, or in their own little fucked-up opinion, didn’t look “American”. Thankfully the assholes were escorted off of the plane and the only positive result other than them being identified as the assholes that they are was the overwhelming response of the other passengers who leapt to the defense of the victims. It shows that there are good people, and it also shows that a “slur” can be recognized and negated almost immediately by people who refuse to fall for the trick of indirect language.

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