Dreamer's World February 21 2017 - And The Beat Goes On

This morning I am back at work and plodding my way through all of the emails as I start on my own tasking for the day. I mark another day closer to the move to the new apartment where I hope to have more room in which to work without being cramped into a tiny corner. I still regret that the new place will not have a set-aside space for work and writing, but the budget drives those considerations.
Every time I want to move between computers for work, I have to perform the 7 basic moves of ballet here where I work. This is getting more and more annoying with each passing day and I know that part of the frustration is the knowledge that we will be moving EVENTUALLY, but that doesn’t help matters right now!
I had to step outside and smoke in order to calm down after getting so annoyed with things here. I am back at work trying to get some research done and then I will think about lunch. I am already exhausted and have a migraine coming on that I am trying to fight off, we will see how well that works out as the day progresses. At least my BG hasn’t spiked so far today, which usually happens when I am starting a migraine headache.
I did manage to enjoy my lunch and I feel better, but I can still detect the migraine lurking in the background, so I am not out of the woods just yet. Now the endless meetings begin, which is not the best thing to go through right now, but I have no choice in the matter.
I have made it through the afternoon without my head falling off from the migraine. I think that my precautions of aspirin and low lighting and as much quiet as possible have been successful. I found out that I have to go and pick up my new glasses right after work since they arrived today, so I have alerted Hal (person) to be ready to go as soon as work is over with.

One last complication for this week arose earlier today. The electric company will be replacing a transformer and the apartment building will be without power for most of the day on Thursday. This means that I will have to work from the “business center” in the apartment clubhouse. This will be a pain because I will have to lug the laptop over there. Just another in the seemingly endless series of signs that we are leaving this apartment community at the right time.

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