Dreamer's World February 12 2017 - The Constant State Of Chaos

One thing that remains constant is the world is always on the verge of falling apart or blowing itself up. No matter how hard we try, there are times when we all have to take a break from the world around us. Today is that time for me. I am just tired from the past few months. Looking at apartments and thinking about the Nazi in the White House and keeping up at work have just taken their toll on me.
I wrote recently about how happy I was to have the apartment search over with. What I failed to realize was just how far down I had burned my candle. I am using today to try to rest more and relax here at home without any distractions to annoy me. I am taking a break from social media to keep the insane world out of my head for awhile. Errands will be done as I feel up to putting forth the effort, but I am not imposing any deadlines on myself right now.
I was just looking at all of the paperwork we have from all the apartments we looked at. Thankfully, I can just throw that out and not worry about shedding it because that would take almost an hour at the least. We have made our decision and we are happy with it. In about 10 weeks we will get the keys to the new apartment and be ready to start the move. I know that Hal will have most everything boxed up and ready to go well in advance of that date. I just want to get this over with and probably take a few days off work at that time to get everything in order at the new place as well as recover from the effort.

For today I have managed to change the linens on my bed, including putting on a new duvet cover. I am washing the old bedlinens while Hal is at work and taking the time to write. I have seen enough of the news via social media to keep me away from those sites today. I might make a few phone calls this afternoon and see if Hal would like to visit Five Guys to have some burgers for dinner. If not, I will find something else to have for our evening meal. The Stooges are all asleep and I envy them the ability to just lay down and instantly relax, I truly wish I had that ability myself.

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