Dreamer's World February 24 2017 - It Is Friday, Regardless Of What The World Thinks

I have made it through another week. Today marks the 8 week mark until Hal (person), myself and The Stooges will get the keys to our new apartment and hopefully on the following Monday the move will take place. Hal (person) is handling the selection of the movers and I know that he will get us a great deal on that. I have been saving money like crazy so there won’t be any problem with the money when the time comes to pay the bills, but we don’t want to pay too much either.
The warm weather continues here. It felt like early summer yesterday when the temperature nearly hit 80 degrees. Today promises to be just as nice and I am glad that I am off work at 1430 this afternoon so we can enjoy the beautiful day. There are no plans as of yet, but I’m sure we will think of something.

Hal (person) took Stevie Nicks to the vet this morning for her checkup and I am glad to report that she is doing fine. This also gets her shots up to date and makes it easier for the move when the time rolls around. Hal The Cat will be going in for his checkup next Friday and Spartacus will go the week after that.

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