Dreamer's World February 21 2017 - Daily Prompt "Hideout

The Daily Prompt is “Hideout”. I haven’t used this term since I was a kid many years ago for some reason. I think it goes back to the “Fortress Of Solitude”, without all the ice, from the Superman movies when I was younger. That term always seemed to imply much more than simply a “hideout”.
I wasn’t a perfect kid, but I was always upfront and honest with my parents which was kind of unique in the 1970s especially in a small Kentucky town. Whatever mistakes I made as a kid were overcome by being honest with my parents, so I suppose I never had a real need for a “hideout”.
To this day I suppose that I instantly think of a “hideout” and associate it with something that I would not want others to know about, or a place where the details of what others might already suspect were planned and/or carried out. I prefer to have a place to myself, but it is always my “Fortress Of Solitude” where I can be alone and think.
This brings up another aspect of my whole impression of the word “hideout”. Growing up when and where I did and being an only child, I was more comfortable with solitude that most other kids. I didn’t have the need for a “hideout” to get me away from the rest of the world to take a break, I wanted my solitude because it is how I was able to think and make decisions.

A rose is a rose, so to speak, but I prefer to maintain my “Fortress Of Solitude” over a conventional “hideout” to this day.  

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