Dreamer's World September 12 2016

I am finally feeling like writing one again. The last week was a series of pain-filled back spasms that left me exhausted and just unable to concentrate fully when I found the energy to attempt to write. I certainly hope that those episodes are finally behind me.
I went to the Chiropractor this morning and I really feel better. My neck, back, and hips are all sore, but in a good way. This is the result of working out, and also of somehow messing up my back as well. I have been in varying degrees of pain since July and then my chiropractor had a family emergency that basically meant I missed my appointment last month until the very end. I went almost 2 months rather than monthly between visits, and I was suffering.
Now the afternoon has arrived and I will work from 1300-1800 in order to start making up the time from this morning. I will try my best to not mess my back up any further. Of course, I begin work as the afternoon cycle of meetings begins, but at least it will keep me busy until quitting time rolls around. I am definitely NOT interested in going anywhere or doing anything after work today. With luck, I will be able to get a great night of sleep tonight and really feel refreshed  tomorrow.
So far, the afternoon has gone smoothly. I am supposed to have my 1-1 with my supervisor in a few minutes and I am taking the rest of the time to put together a User Story for software development to approve. This is always like pulling teeth from a lion with an attitude because there are always questions that they bring up that no one else ever thinks of. If I am lucky, this will get resolved before the end of the day.

Eventually, things have ironed themselves out, at least for the time being. I have some time this afternoon to wrap things up before quitting time and then I can relax for the evening here at home. The extra time I will be working today won’t be too bad to cope with, but thankfully it will only happen every other week for the foreseeable future.

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