Dreamer's World September 27 2016 - The Happy Times

I am finally back at writing today after my 4-day weekend. I feel much better after my chiropractor appointment yesterday, as well as my dental cleaning. I managed to avoid the debate last night and for that reason alone, I am in a great mood today.
I have long passed the point of being sick and tired of this election. I wish that it was over with and that life could return to a somewhat more normal routine. Then I realized that to think that would be to run counter to my recent revelations that I am in command of my own life. The debate no longer concerns me, not because I didn’t watch, but because I refused to be drawn into the manipulation trap that dictated that everyone MUST watch the debate in the first place.
Working from home means that I am blissfully spared the water-cooler talk about what happened last night. I don’t have to justify my actions to anyone or have them try to unload their BS on me. There is so much more to life than the powers that be want you to believe. My view of the MSM is very well-known, I don’t need to repeat anything here.
Fall has arrived with a bang in the DMV. It has turned much cooler rather quickly and we are getting rain which we have really needed for some time. The abrupt 15-20 degree drop in temperature has been quite a shock, but we have to adjust because complaining about the weather will do nothing to change it. I am enjoying the cool mornings personally. It will mean that tomorrow morning when I commute to the client’s offices that I will not have to worry about sweating before I even get there.
I also found out late last week that a good friend of mine is now unemployed. The company that he works for attempted to under-bid for a renewal of their existing contract, and I believe that the client was pissed about this. My friend did nothing wrong, although I told him last year when he had to take a huge pay cut that he should immediately begin searching for another job at that time. It just goes to prove once again that greed will hurt more people than it ever helps. I am fortunate that the company that I work for has always been very concerned about their employees, and as a result, the company that I work for has an extremely high retention rate and an excellent record of winning contracts.

I am sticking to my plan of not getting drawn into the manipulation game any longer. My life is my own and I will enjoy it on my terms. Regardless of what happens, I will strive to keep a positive outlook on things and maintain my own inner peace as the world goes up in flames all around me.

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