Dreamer's World September 1 2016 - The Stench of American Politics

I have officially had ENOUGH of the BULLSHIT that passes for our electoral process! After last night’s Nazi rant by trump (lower case intentional) I am completely disgusted. Goebbels would be proud to see that a loser like trump can go to see a foreign leader and act like a little bitch, but the minute he gets back home he tries to tell everyone how tough he is. This is the trademark of an unstable mind at work, unfortunately he appeals to all the other unstable minds that our last 30 years of infoporn and crappy education has produced.
I wonder if this is how people felt watching Hitler climb to power in Germany. Don’t forget that he was ELECTED by the same type of simple-minded people who flock to trump today. We all know how tragically that turned out. It is imperative that trump be stopped, that he be defeated soundly in this election.
Having said that, I turn my scorn to the democrats and clinton (lower case intentional) because the democrats seemed hell-bent to nominate this unpopular and baggage-laden candidate. The shenanigans are well documented regarding the manipulation and cheating that allowed her to finally defeat Bernie Sanders. I do not find it surprising that her very presence in the election has emboldened the trump fanatics to ever-increasing displays of lunacy.
The situation we now face is one of our own creation. A RWNJ lunatic vs a candidate that cannot escape her own issues and past. We have to clean this shit up ourselves!
I will not allow the media to escape my attention either. The lack of ANY professional journalism is the result of the poor education and infoporn that we have been forced to endure for the last 30 years. The FAILURE of the media to call out trump on his LIES and RACISM proves to me that the media only wants to create news rather than report it.


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