Dreamer's World September 29 2016 - The Police ARE THE PROBLEM

It seems like every single day we wake up to find a new hashtag trending to represent yet another Black American killed by the police somewhere in the country. I am sick and tired of the BULLSHIT excuses for the police conduct. I am sick and tired of the stories being stretched past the point of believability in order to attempt to justify these EXECUTIONS.
I am sick and tired of the MSM ignoring the problem of police that are not properly trained on how to de-escalate a situation, rather they are put on the street with the equivalent of a license to kill with their police status being a get-out-of-jail card that is always played.
I am sick and tired of hearing RWNJ lunatics saying that “if everyone obeyed the police, these shootings would stop”. The stupid is thick with these people. The streets are littered with the dead bodies of Black American men and women who did as they were told and were still EXECUTED by the police.
I am sick and tired of the MSM always trying to protect the police from criticism. The argument that most cops are good is BULLSHIT. If that is true, then why are there no “good” cops calling out those who are the “bad’ ones?
I am sick and tired of the attacks on BLM. BLM did not cause these problems, BLM is the result of these problems being left alone and unchecked for far too long. The refusal to open a dialogue between the police and BLM rest squarely on the police for refusing to do so.
I am sick and tired of seeing people protesting for justice labeled as “thugs” and “troublemakers” by people who have never had the full force of the law directed at them because of the color of their own skin. The hypocrisy is incredible with these people.
I am sick and tired of any attempt to protest the actions of the police being interpreted by the MSM and RWNJ as “anti-American”. This behavior is an example of racism at its worst. People cannot protest, people cannot march, people cannot demand justice, people cannot kneel during a song. In other words the people who hate all of these actions are perfectly happy to let the carnage go on unchecked because the victims are black.
I wish I could remember the person who said this in order to give them credit, but what they said was in response to the controversy over Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem. The person said “Apparently we cannot take a knee, but we have to take a bullet”. Very true words that accurately reflect how fucked up our priorities really are. The police are given the widest possible latitude for their crimes, but anyone who protests has to fit into an increasingly small category in order to avoid being labeled as a “thug”.
I am sick and tired of writing this post. I want to see a world where the police are held completely accountable for their actions, and where those actions are reviewed and changes made in order to prevent yet another hashtag.
I am sick and tired of the police being absolved from any responsibility for these EXECUTIONS while the victims are slandered. The problem has to be solved.

Sadly, I am not holding my breath that things will change. Those in power want us at each other’s throats in order to distract from the problems that they themselves profit from.

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