Dreamer's World March 17 2017 - A Perfect Way To End The Week

Friday is always a great day. Today is even better because it is St. Patrick’s Day and also March Madness. UK plays this evening and I will be watching intently even though it will be a late game. My hope is to finish work without incident this afternoon, grab some dinner and possibly go out if Hal (person) wants to, and then relax at home for the game. Unlike some people, if there is any adult beverage consumption, it will be at home so I don't have to worry about driving.
I might manage to find time to practice guitar, but I have to admit that it doesn’t seem likely especially if Hal wants to do something after work. If I cannot practice today, I will definitely do so tomorrow. In the meantime, the day will be busy with work.
The weather is slowly warming up after the late winter storm earlier this week. Hopefully the weekend itself will be sunny and warmer so I can enjoy it even more.
    Hal told me that he didn't want to go anywhere when I finished work. This means I will be stuck here at home even though I would have​ loved to get out for a little while. I might try to practice on the guitar later, but honestly the desire isn't there right now. I know this is because I really wanted to get out, and although I'm not really sulking, it could easily be seen in that way. I just enjoy getting out after working from home all day because, after all, I do work from home.

I will simply do my best to get out tomorrow and enjoy the day while Hal is at work.

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