Dreamer's World March 20 2017 - Daily Prompt "Label"

The Daily Prompt is “Label”. A “label” is something that we seem to spend our entire lives either pursuing or trying to escape. As small children we are “naughty” or “nice”. When we start school we are either “smart” “average” or “dumb”. By the time we get to high school we are “jocks” or “nerds” or “popular” or “cool” or “losers” or whatever.
We can be “pleasant” or “disagreeable”. We can be “beautiful” or “handsome” or “average” or “unattractive” or “fugly”. We are constantly at the mercy of those who place labels on us. It seems only fair because we do the same to those around us. Don’t deny it, even those who try so hard not to are just “tolerant” or “polite”.
Why do we have to put each other into categories using “labels”? It is something that we are taught from an early age. While we are taught to be individuals, that lesson often erases the knowledge that we all have more in common than we realize. By the time we come to understand this we are faced with trying to undo a lifetime of labeling others and either accepting or rejecting the labels placed upon us.
The whole concept of labeling people is fucked up because if it were so awesome and terrific, no one would ever reject a label that has been placed on them by others. By trying to convince someone else that they have mislabeled us we spend time that should be used to better ourselves, so there is little or no value in the whole concept of labeling each other.
I am sure by now that I have acquired several labels from those reading this. Have fun assigning a label to me because it doesn’t affect me in the least.

A song to remind us:

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