Dreamer's World March 19 2017 - A Blue Day

I am waiting for the UK game this afternoon. This is a game that has me nervous since the opponent, Wichita State, is tremendously talented and very capable of beating UK if UK fails to take them seriously. An ongoing concern about this UK team is the lack of 40 minutes of real intensity. They seem to play to the level of their competition far too often and most recently this has meant that they play to a lower level than one would expect from them.
I hope that UK manages to find a way to cure this lackadaisical attitude that has plagued them since late January because now is not the time to suffer from a lapse in either concentration or effort. A loss now means that the season is over with. Whatever happens will happen regardless of how I feel. I am not on the team, nor am I on the court to make an actual difference. Instead, I will watch and suffer and hopefully rejoice at the end of the game.
As for myself, I am rather tired today. I think that the dinner from last night disagreed with me slightly. I am staying home and resting before and after the game. I hope to get a good night of sleep as well so I am watching my BG extra closely today.

The basketball game was one of the best that I have seen in a long time. Thankfully, UK managed to pull out a 65-62 win and is on to the Sweet 16. I managed to not lose my mind only because I deliberately broke away from the #BBN group on Twitter. They were working on my last nerve with the whining about officiating and how everything was stacked against them. I watched the second half of the game and was able to simply enjoy it for the great game that it was.
Hal (person) just got home from work and says that he has no plans to do anything this evening other than to rest. I am still tired, so I won’t object to this. I will probably skip the guitar practice for this evening and resume tomorrow while Hal is at work in the evening. So we will be here for a quiet night at home before bed. The last thing I need right now is more basketball. Instead we will watch Bette and Joan later and then get ready for bed.

Tomorrow marks the 5 week point before we move. I am looking forward to the new place already and so is Hal.

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