Dreamer's World March 15 2017 - Daily Prompt "Instinct"

The Daily Prompt is “Instinct”. The trend of introspective prompts continues. “Instinct” is the most basic level of behavior and understanding that there is, which makes it rather tricky to define. We tend to think of ourselves as mature, sophisticated human beings when we are basically just evolved animals. We can easily see what we call “instinct” by watching other animals and observing their behavior, but we do so while completely forgetting that we also function on “instinct” whether we want to admit to it or not. We see another animal fight to defend its territory and we clinically observe that behavior. We, as human beings, fight wars to protect our country. Isn’t this the same thing? We just put different terms onto the same behavior.

We do have our own peculiar “instincts” that separate us from the other animals. My favorite is the cell phone. I find it rather amusing that an “instinct” we have developed in the recent past is that we cannot function for more than a few minutes without checking our cell phones just in case we miss a call because we forgot to turn the ringer volume ON, or we might have missed a text. Worse yet we might have missed a FaceBook post of a kitten that is adorable because it is behaving exactly as a kitten should, that is to say that the kitten is following its own “instinct”.

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