Dreamer's World March 5 2017 - Another Cold Day

    Sunday has started out very cold once again. I spent the morning and early afternoon running errands and taking care of a few personal things.
I took my electric/acoustic guitar in for a restringing and I will pick that up when it is ready. I looked at a model similar to the new electric guitar that I am waiting for. The only drawback was that there were on left-handed versions in stock and that is what I ordered. If the left-handed guitar works out for the best, I will sell the acoustic/electric and probably the Fender Squier Strat that I have here in order to recoup some of the money.
After I left Guitar Center, I stopped in at Eco Vapex to pick up some juice and also buy a new tank for my Smok Alien 220 mod. I have not smoked a cigarette since yesterday morning and I am not at all nervous because I have started vaping with a higher level of nicotine and will gradually adjust that down as time goes on.
After that, it was a stop at GNC and Harris Teeter before returning home for the afternoon and waiting for Hal (person) to get home from work. I have asked if he wants to go anywhere and if he does, then we will. If he says no I am perfectly content with ordering pizza and staying home for the evening. I do know that we will be watching the Bette and Joan series premiere tonight and it looks like a really entertaining show.

For a change, I have intentionally not thought about work this weekend. I know that there will be plenty of false crises when I sign on tomorrow and they can wait until then for me to bother with them. I will make it through the upcoming week one way or another, and I don’t need the extra stress right now.

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