Dreamer's World March 3 2017 - Hoping That The Writer's Block Has Passed

Yesterday I could not write anything coherent. I really hate days like that because I know that there is something bothering me when I have writer’s block. I cannot figure out what that might be right now, although I do feel better.
Years of experience have taught me that it is useless to sit and stare at a computer screen and hope that something magical happens to inspire me. I did get out yesterday to visit the chiropractor on a beautiful day here. I was looking forward to a great night of sleep last night as a result. Sadly, that did not happen and I now know that there is something going on just beyond my awareness that will impact me or someone close to me, but I don’t know that that is yet.
I will continue to press on throughout the day. I have things to do here at work and then I can still try to relax and enjoy the afternoon once work is finished. Whatever the unknown issue is, it will reveal itself only when it is ready and no amount of worrying will make that happen any faster.
On the bright side, I have really cut back on my smoking recently since I made the decision to upgrade my vaping device. I have cut back to only 3 cigarettes a day and I am feeling better as a result. The money invested in the vaping devices and juices is offset by the money I am no longer spending on cigarettes. Hal (person) is supportive, but I have been down the path of quitting before only to fail. Honestly, the worst thing I can hear from people who know that I am trying to quit is the “I’m with you” type of support because however well-intentioned that is, it just adds pressure to my struggle.

I enjoy vaping and will eventually cut out the nicotine additives in the juice, but this is definitely better than the alternative of continuing to smoke cigarettes.

Hal informed me that he has contracted the movers for our upcoming move to the new apartment in late April. Thankfully the move will cost us much less than anticipated and that means that the money I have been saving will not all vanish at once. While the temptation to go and grab some tech toys is strong, I know that it is better to save everything that I can even after the move.
Hal just reminded me that he is going out to the local Massage Envy near the new apartment this morning to meet with the manager there. She has already said that she is looking forward to Hal working for her. This will be a great move for Hal because the location is not too far from the new apartment and he should start out there once the move is complete. He should be gone for a while and perhaps will have lunch while he is away.
As for me, the only thing that I will have to do is make certain that the internet/cable is hooked up for me to work and then to figure out the best way to get back and forth to the client's office via bus and Metro, but that will be something that I can do once we are out there. At least there will be more room for me to work, although I will still be in the bedroom but is is larger than the closet I am in now.
Obviously the writer’s block has passed. The late afternoon consisted of a trip to check out the new neighborhood again, followed by dinner and a stop by Guitar Center on the way home. I am seriously considering another guitar, this time a left-handed model since my natural hand is my left. Hopefully that will increase my proficiency. The one that I am considering isn’t available at this time, but will be in stock later this month.

Now we are home for the evening and Hal has to go to work in the morning. I will probably head to Guitar Center and verify the availability date on the Jackson guitar sometime late tomorrow morning. For now, it is time to get a shower and get ready to go to bed after relaxing.

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