Dreamer's World March 10 2017 - Changeable Weather And A Great Surprise At The End Of The Day

Friday is here at last! Sadly the beautiful weather we enjoyed yesterday is a distant memory this morning. It got to 75 degrees yesterday but the temperature has been dropping ever since and this morning it is in the mid 40s and will continue to plummet into the low 20s by tomorrow morning. Welcome to March in the DMV (DC, MD, VA).
The weather might have an impact on any proposed plans after work today and the lingering cold will undoubtedly impact the weekend as well. Fortunately there are NCAA basketball conference tournament games to watch today and through the weekend. By Sunday evening we will know what March Madness will look like as it really begins next week.
I am still eagerly waiting for word on my new electric guitar. It has not arrived at the vendor yet, but when it does it will be about 2 days before it is sent to me after being inspected for any defects. I am hoping that I get word that it has arrived there sometime soon, but I will be patient until then
Jackson JS32L Dinky.jpg
The other news is that I have not had a cigarette since last Saturday. I am vaping rather than smoking and I have to admit that I am feeling much better now. I have not had the withdrawals because I am adding nicotine to the juice I use in the vaping box. Eventually I will cut that down, but right now there is no rush. The first objective is to make certain that I am completely off of cigarettes and can stay that way. An interesting note is that yesterday afternoon Hal (person) and I went to Hard Times Cafe. It still has a designated smoking section in the back where there are pool tables. Hard to believe in this day and age that places like this still exist. At any rate, as we walked into the front (non-smoking) restaurant section I could immediately smell the cigarette smoke even though it was lunchtime and there were very few people in the back. Just something that woke me up as to how addicted I was/am and that smell really reinforced my decision to quit.
I will never be one of the crusading types to those who still smoke because it is their choice to do so, but I am more convinced than ever that I will not want to be around smokers much at all anymore. There are times when that is unavoidable. When I visit the client I still have to go outside even to vape and then I am around those still smoking. At least it is outside and not as noticeable.
The thing that I am more grateful for as I quit smoking is that I have not had people telling me “You can do it” all the gad damned time. When I tried to quit in the past, those people did nothing more than put pressure on me, or so it felt, and I would fail. Now I have the crutch of vaping and I think that it will be all right.
The decision about what we will do after work still has to be reached. I would like to get out for a little while, but I have to be mindful of the fact that Hal has to work in the morning. If we do go anywhere, we won’t be out late, that isn’t a problem.
Hal and I did get out for a little while this afternoon. We came home early so Hal could get his rest and then I got great news. My guitar has shipped and is on the way! They sent me pictures of my new guitar rather than the stock images.
JS32L pic 1.jpg
JS32L pic 2.jpg
JS32L pic 3.jpg
JS32L pic 4.jpg
JS32L pic 5.jpg
JS32L pic 6.jpg
JS32L pic 7.jpg
JS32L pic 8.jpg
JS32L pic 9.jpg

JS32L pic 10.jpg

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