Dreamer's World March 20 2017 - An Unwelcome Visitor

Last night brought an unwelcome visitor. Insomnia showed up without being invited and spent the night tormenting me. I simply could not fall asleep at all, not matter what I tried or how much I wanted to. This means that I am starting Monday feeling like shit.
Insomnia has not shown up here for many months. I have no idea why it chose last night to barge into my life again. If I could prevent it from ever appearing again, I would gladly do so because it just takes the life and energy out of me.
It doesn’t matter that I had this unwelcome visitor last night. I still have to get through today and make the best of it.
I made it through the day without collapsing. This is just as well since I have to take Hal to work and then pick him up later this evening. I am trying to finish things here at work and stay busy rather than give exhaustion a chance to catch up with me. I already have some exercises lined up for guitar practice while Hal is at work and that should keep me occupied.

I really hope that there is no unwelcome visitor this evening.

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