Dreamer's World March 11 2017 - A Cold And Exciting Day

Saturday morning started out cold and clear. I slept in late this morning and missed seeing Hal (person) as he left for work, but I know that I really needed the rest and I felt good when I finally crawled out of bed this morning.
Once I managed to wake up and take a shower I then left to get the necessary errands run late in the morning. I went to the grocery store, picked up one of the guitars that was being re-strung, and then had a quick lunch at Noodles and Company before returning home.
I have managed to keep out of trouble so far today and am tracking the shipment that contains the Jackson JS32L Dinky electric guitar that shipped out yesterday. I am really excited to get my hands on it and begin to play left-handed, but that will have to wait until Tuesday at the earliest which is the scheduled delivery date.
JS32L pic 1.jpg
Until then, I will have to contain my enthusiasm and self-control. Of course, we are scheduled to have a late-winter storm move through here on TUESDAY. I hope that doesn’t happen and that if it does, that is doesn’t delay the arrival of the shipment. There is nothing that I can do to change the situation.
I’m waiting for Hal to get home from work. Just finished watching UK beat Alabama in the SEC semifinal game. No idea what we will do this evening, I hope we do something, but that all depends on how tired Hal is when he gets here.
Hal made it home and we made a trip to the grocery store and then returned home so he can get some rest. I am happy and will venture out tomorrow on my own.
I did call FedEx and requested that the guitar be held at the local FedEx facility on Tuesday so I can pick it up from there. The annunciator panel at the front door to the apartment building is not working and I hate going downstairs only to find a note that an attempt was made to deliver something. This means that I should get the guitar on Tuesday evening once the driver drops it off there, so it really won’t mean a long delay. The worst case scenario is that I am not notified that the package has arrived there on Tuesday evening and I would have to go over there and pick it up on Wednesday.

It is time for me to get ready for bed. First I will go through the apartment and set all the clocks since the time shift is tonight. I hope that everyone has had a great Saturday and will have an even better Sunday.

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