Dreamer's World February 28 2017 - Closing Out Another Month

February is almost gone. The warm weather we have had recently makes it seem less like Winter and more like Spring, so I suppose that it is only natural that February is coming to an end. I am looking forward to Spring because it means that our move is getting closer. I am grateful that we have not had a severe Winter at all.
As for the last day of February, it is busy at work and I want to get as much done as possible before quitting time. I don’t expect to go anywhere after work, but I will ask Hal (person) if he has anything that he needs to do just in case. I want to cook after work and then relax before the UK game at 2100. I really should take a nap before the game, but there is always something that prevents me from doing so.

According to Hal (person) there is nowhere he needs or wants to go after I get off work, so the plan to cook and then relax looks as if it actually might happen after all!

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