Dreamer's World March 22 2017 - Something To Be Grateful For

    I am extremely grateful this morning. I have finally paid off the loan on the Beetle and my next paycheck will be fatter as a result. I still remember the trepidation I felt 5 years ago when I obtained the money to get the Beetle. It seemed like a long way into the future, but now it is behind me and the Beetle is still running fine 5 years later.
I did manage to get through the day at work as Hal (person) continues to pack boxes all around me. I even got in 30 minutes of guitar practice after work without too much difficulty. I admit that I am slowly getting more comfortable learning the song that I set out to learn. The dexterity is developing in my fingers and I will keep the practice routine going as often as possible. I am hoping to make this a daily routine, we will see if that holds up.

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