Dreamer's World March 6 2017 - Exhausted Once Again

I got some good sleep last night, which makes me wonder why I am so tired as I start work this morning. Hopefully it is just my body telling me that I need to get more sleep in the future. If so then this is a message that I have to pay attention to. Life itself often gets in the way of little goals like this one. Tonight is a good example because immediately after work I have to take Hal (person) to his job and then pick him up when he is finished. This means that it will be after 2200 by the time I get home with him and am done for the day.
At least I know that 7 weeks from today we will be moving at last. Hal has already arranged with the movers for that day. I have to schedule time off from work in order to make the move go more smoothly, and I will talk with my supervisor at our 1-1 meeting later today. I know that the time is getting closer, although it does seem to be moving in reverse at some points. I just have to keep moving forward until this chapter in our life is done and we start the next one at the new apartment.

The day has gone by more quickly than I expected, and I am very thankful for that. I am putting in extra hour at work today so I can have some time to myself later in the week. Now that the afternoon meetings have started time seems to be slowing to a crawl. I hope that this is temporary and the rest of the day will not be as desperately boring.

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