Dreamer's World March 1 2017 - The Approaching Storms

Today I managed to get yesterday’s postings completed and also made my way to meet with the client for our weekly face-to-face chat. I wore a new suit and it felt wonderful because I have been mixing and matching clothes for so long that everyone had to know that I had on a brand new suit today.
I caught up with some friends at the client’s office. Unfortunately there was bad news from one of the friends that his wife has been diagnosed with inoperable and terminal liver cancer. Obviously I offered whatever support that Hal (person) and I can provide to them, but we will wait to hear from them since we are not terribly close and don’t talk outside of the weekly get-togethers.
The weather is still warm, but the storms are coming. If you have watched the news over the last 24 hours you know what I am talking about. The temperature has risen into the upper 70s and the sun came out as I was returning home. While this is great to sit outside right now, I know that the heating will just serve to intensify the storms as they approach the DC area from the west later this afternoon. Of course, I hope that there will be no really severe storms or tornadoes, but I will be prepared no matter what.
At 1300, the storms are rapidly approaching from the west and we just had the first gust of wind even though the skies are still mostly sunny. The forecast calls for the storms to arrive within an hour.
Sure enough, the storms blew through here right as predicted and thankfully there was no really severe weather here in the immediate area. I was able to finish out the day at work and now I am relaxing after dinner and deciding how early I will shower and then go to bed this evening. Hal (person) doesn’t want to do anything and that is fine with me. I know that tomorrow is only a half-day for me since I have my chiropractor appointment in the afternoon.

It has been a good day for the first day of March. Hopefully tomorrow will be an even better day for us all.

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