Dreamer's World March 21 2017 - Feeling Better

Thankfully I was able to sleep last night. It came as a huge relief for me because by the time I got home after picking Hal up from work at 2130, I was almost dead on my feet. I deliberately waited until after getting back home to take a nice shower and that helped me to feel more refreshed and ready for bed. I hope that the unwelcome visitor (insomnia) has left for good because the visit was unpleasant.
Today has started out cloudy and dreary with the forecast to remain this way for the rest of the day. For once I want to stay at home after work is over this afternoon and try to practice guitar and go to bed a little bit earlier than normal if at all possible.
The guitar practicing is coming along nicely. I am becoming more comfortable with the song that I am trying to learn one riff at a time. I am very patient with this because I know that it will take lots of practice in order to play the song proficiently. The main thing is to not lose my motivation. Another key factor is knowing when not to practice. If I am too exhausted, I know that practice will not go well and that I will end up frustrated. Since I am not on a deadline, I can factor this into my normal attempts to practice for at least 30 minutes per day. This goes much more smoothly when I feel good and am not exhausted.
I hope that today stays relatively calm at work. I have several projects going right now in addition to my writing and learning the guitar on the personal side. Planning for the upcoming move is also taking more and more of my time as we enter the last month before the big day. I am doing all that I can to keep juggling these efforts and prioritizing them as circumstances change. It does make life more interesting to be sure.
One of the things that is rapidly approaching us here in preparation of the move will be the Purge. This is when Hal and I decide on what NOT to take with us. We always try to give as much to charity as possible rather than just throwing things away, but there are always some items which we just put with the trash. This helps us to minimize the extra stuff that we have to account for each time we move. With the way that Hal is already boxing things up, it had better happen soon.

Thankfully, today has gone smoothly. I will see if Hal does want to do anything when I am finished here at work. Other than that, I have these last meetings to go through before I quit for the day at 1600. I will do whatever he wants to do. I will make about 15-30 minutes tonight to practice guitar as well before bedtime.

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