Dreamer's World March 9 2017 - A Sunny Morning

The morning has begun with bright and sunny skies around here. It holds all the promise of a great day and I am glad that I am taking the afternoon off from work.
A morning like this inspires me to get things done so I can get out and enjoy the day once I have completed my morning. I must admit that I was looking forward to the time off regardless of the weather, but a day like this really makes me feel wonderful. Sadly, Hal (person) has to work this evening so we cannot really get out together but I will definitely get out on my own this afternoon before I have to take him to work this evening and then pick him up afterwards.

I wrote the other day about lacking inspiration. I do not have that problem today because I know that I will enjoy the afternoon away from work because it is something that I need in order to renew myself. I am really looking forward to this afternoon.

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