Dreamer's World March 3 2017 - Daily Prompt "Desire"

The Daily Prompt is “Desire”. I always considered this to be a word that is fraught with danger. “Desire” does not imply any real need, instead it implies a sense of false urgency and tends to be something that distracts us from our everyday lives. “Desire” implies a longing for something or someone that can be unhealthy if left unchecked.

I don’t mean to say that “desire” is completely negative. In moderation, it can give us a goal that we want to meet and inspire us to work towards that goal. The important thing is to not let “desire” get in the way of our everyday lives. I suppose that “desire” also implies a limited sense of possibility, that is to say that when we “desire” something, it isn’t always within our grasp to attain it.